Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I planned on having the best garden ever this year. There were other things that came up this summer. The only thing doing better than before is my tomato plant. I have one and have gotten more tomatoes from them than I ever have before. It was full grown before I planted it in the ground. It only took picking 5 tomatoes for it to be more productive than my other ones.

That is about all that is growing besides lots of weeds. I have had a terrible time keeping those under control. I am determined to learn about herbicides and see if that will be an option for me in my quest to control the weeds.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Spring has been good to me this year. Even though we have had many days of rain which have contributed to the phenomenal growth of weeds I am keeping up better this year. My plan is to grow most of the produce we eat this season. I know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you. Except when I buy them in the store I get sick from them. It isn't the actual fruit of vegetable it is the chemical residue left on. I do wash them really well but that wasn't working either. I finally broke down and bought that vegetable wash which helps but not all the way. So I have decided to start planting. It has been so cold and wet that not much has been planted. I also need to work on successive planting so I have a longer harvest time.

Hope to post pictures.

My flower garden has done the best. Shelly my sister-in-law has taken pictures of those this year. She makes everything look real good.