Monday, April 5, 2010

My Garden

I am so excited for this years garden. I haven't ever gotten out and prepared my beds for planting this early. I have never been good at fall clean up and the weeds tend to get out of control early and stay that way. I did get all that weeding done last year and were I planted they aren't growing weeds as much but there are a few places that I just let go late in the season and they have weeds galore. I am hoping if I get them taken care of in early spring that I won't have as many problems with them this year. I will write about whether it works or not. It seems like most my flowerbeds in the front are easy to take care of except for one that I always forget about up next to the house where some bushes are planted. I never have done much weeding there. Also once my strawberries are done producing I seem to forget to keep weeding them so they get over run in August or so. Then I have a lot of weeds in the spring to take care of there. Right now the weeds are nothing like last year so far.

I also have plans to increase my garden space and plant more of what we eat. I have already planted peas twice and beets along with some Kohlrabi. I usually only get peas in this early. I also got seedlings started in the house and will start hardening them off in a week or two. I have got some sweet potato slips growing in the house as well. My mom saved some sweet potatoes from her garden last year. They have really done well. They like the place were I have put them next to my window in the kitchen. I put them out of the direct sunlight. They will be big enough to root in about two to three weeks as well.