Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have decided finally to get into blogging. I finally have a theme I feel good about doing. I am going to write about my gardening adventures. Mostly for my future reference. I have done a little gardening here and there but have never been real successful. I hope as I blog about what I have done what I plan on doing I will be more accountable each day for those tasks. I could also remember what works what doesn't.

I hope to write about some of the interesting things I have found out about and what experiments I have tried.


  1. Cool! I could definitely use some gardening help. Have you done Square Foot Gardening? I checked the book out from the library, devoured it in a day, and now I have a 2x2 box built, but I'm still deciding where to put it. I can't plant quite yet anyway, it still freezes at night here.

  2. That's great! Maybe we can compare notes and stuff. I'll be planting mine right away. As soon as the freezing risk is over. Maybe I'll do some starters indoors and transplant them when it's time.

  3. Dude! It used my synergetic account! This is Ria. That was weird and totally not on purpose.

  4. Nice! I've heard that having a gardening journal is one of the best things you can do for your gardens. Since your yard, habits, and seasons are unique to your yard, keeping a log (or blog, in this case!) helps you see what worked and what didn't.

    Great idea!

    - Chas