Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Looking back on my harvest

Have no idea when this first entry was written I believe it was 2010 or 2011.

I have been thinking about my garden and how successful it has been. I have had some challenges at first and I still need to do more weeding but over all my garden has been a success. I spent every day in July almost picking raspberries. I froze a quart and we ate at least that much or more. My zucchini started off slow.

My garden has never been as successful as this year. Still have some weeding problems. I spent more time this spring tilling the ground and increasing the size of my garden. So my garden was a bit later than most in my area. When there plants stopped my were just getting started.

 I got tomatoes 3 different variates, corn (enough for 3 meals), anaheim chili peppers , green beans (enough for  a few snacks for me and some for 2 of my kids that have finally declared they like them. Not as much as they hoped for since I only planted for me I did good.) Got some lime basil and used it a few times before it flowered I used it a few times after it flowered. Used my chives more this year in a few dishes. Have always grown chives but I don't use them. Guess I forget I have them or something. Got some melons they were a variety of honeydews. Shared a few and ate about 3 of them. I was the only one who would eat them so I am not planting them again. I also got some eggplants. I got enough for 3 meals for the family and I got to share them with three other families; gave each family 2 since they were small.

The jewel of my garden was the 4 cucumber plants. I planted 2 varieties and the smooth skinned ones that are similar to english cucumbers called Diva were the favourite. We got about 14-16 a week and we did go through that many for about 2 months then towards the end the plants slowed down and we weren't as enthusiastic about them either. I made 3 cucumber salads through out the season. And I made some refrigerator pickles out of some of them. They were eaten in larger quantities and more quickly when I made them into a salad or pickles.  Most plants survived until the cold spell killed them at the first of October.

I also got one carrot which is more than I usually get, I might get 2-3 more. That are still in the ground. I planted some beets in about Aug.  as well and got about 6-8 of them. I pickled them they were very good.

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