Friday, August 7, 2009


My garden has offered me a few surprises this year. I got some seeds from my mom. She had them labeled "We be little pumpkins" and I planted them and when they grew they grew yellow squash. The yellow squash was shaped similar to a small spaghetti squash. I did leave them on longer than normal since I thought it was a pumpkin at first. Then I started noticing that it didn't look like a little pumpkins. I was able to pick three and stuff them for lunch with rice and hamburger. They have a very good flavor and I like them. I do have a small squash on the vine now but if I pick them when they are really small they are short about 2 inches and not very big around, so I will wait for it to get bigger.

I didn't kill my zucchini plant yet so that is a good thing. I have actually gotten 4 of them so far. I got two just recently. I did have to pick the first two smaller than I like them since the bugs were eating the zucchini. These last two were the size I like. Not too big not too small.

The other surprise was my peas are still growing. I just got a handful of them this morning. I expected them to die off last month sometime. I have new growth on them as well. They aren't producing much, they did stop growing in the middle of July and didn't produce anything till this week. And we have had a few good size snacks.


  1. Nice! Squash is more eatable than mini pumpkins anyway.

    I found a turnip growing in one of my apple-tree pots the other day. Must have snuck in when I was collecting seeds!

    Then one of my little seedlings that I thought might be a type of lilac grew some kind of bean thing. Weird! I guess that's what I get for having a random wild garden...

    - Chas

  2. I would have made pumpkin pie from the pumpkins. I was actually looking forward to that. I mainly make the pies for Shane since he likes them. I like pumpkin if I make it but it is not my favorite.