Thursday, January 2, 2014

Planning 2014

With a new year ahead I am reminded that I need to start planning now so that my garden can improve and grow this coming year.

Just before it got cold I cut my raspberry plants and am looking forward with hope for a wonderfully big harvest. Too soon to tell what my extra attention to my patch will produce. Well know in July.

I started my plants in April last year I hope to start them sooner this year. I plan a month earlier to see what happens. So come March 1st I better have my peat pots bought and go through and plan what to plant and where to put it.

I am looking ahead to a bright future for me and my family. With what is going on in the world I have very little control over what the politicians do, what businesses decide. How that will affect me is talked a lot about on the radio in the news. I decided to start controlling something I have control over so I don't go insane thinking about all the other things which are out of my control. One thing for me is I have property and I can have a garden which can grow the things we eat. And also I can grow things I would like to try. Then when I produce more than we can use I can either freeze or can it for another day. If there is still too much I can serve others around me which is a win-win for me. I have even got some seeds that are heirlooms and can be harvested for seed for the coming years so for some of my seed needs can be meet by planting some to produce seeds for the next year. My garden is small so I don't use up my seeds that fast either.

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