Thursday, January 16, 2014

Garden Musings

I have been looking out the window at my garden. I picked the spot that gets the most sun and it is partially thawed. I might go out and plant some peas if enough of the snow melts to give me some bare ground. It has were I have my raspberries planted. Just a few more of these nice warm days and I will be able to.

I have also been trying to plan what I am going to grow and how much. I hope my mom can get me some plant starts again this year for free. It was so great I got my melons and 2 cucumber plants and 4 basil plants and 2 tomato plants that grew and they were given to me for free. Love that when it happens.

I should go through my seeds and see what I have. Most of my seeds come from pinetree seed company.

I have some heirloom ones as well that I can save seeds from. I have just started learning about that. I have a lot of seed though so I don't think I will run out of some of the basic types of garden vegetables for a while. I know I have enough corn seed. I think I am lacking in squash seeds. I want to try to grow small pumpkins this year again so I will have to order me some of those at least.

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