Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17- 22

Last week I had a lot going on with the family so I forgot to record that on Mon or Tues I went out and planted more peas. Unlike what was stated in the last post I only got one square weeded and ready for planting.

This week I was going to go outside to plant more spring vegetables but had such bad allergies I stayed indoors most of the time. I did go out on our back deck and plant some peat pots with 3 kinds of tomatoes, eggplant, 3 kinds of peppers, watermelon, wee be little pumpkins, zucchini, butternut squash and some flowers. I brought them inside and have them downstairs under my grow light. I will turn the light on once they sprout. I wrote on each pot but will make a diagram soon just encase the marker is unreadable by the time the plants are big enough to plant outside.  I have to find my impatient seeds so I can also plant my hanging pots. That is my goal  this week since it needs to be done right away. I should be getting some allergy medicine next week to so I hope to feel up to going out this saturday and working some more.

Now I need to remember to water the plants that I have out there already so they don't die. It has been drier than usual this time of year  so my plants will need some extra TLC till the irrigation water gets turned on next month.

 Since I didn't get these posted last week here they are. This is before I weeded the raspberries.
 Here is my after .
Here is the square I prepared and planted chives in I forgot that I also transplanted a strawberry plant at the same time so I need to go and check on how it is doing. I didn't water it since this picture was taken. Hope it is alive.

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