Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 3-9

This week was very busy for me outside the home. It was gorgeous weather all the days it wasn't raining. It is still really cold when it rains not freezing but cold. I should get out there anyway but didn't.

I did finally succeed this Saturday March 8th. It was wonderful to get out there and dig and flip my grass in hopes of having some control over grass this year. I also got some seeds from my chives and spread them in  a corner of one of my garden squares. I still need to mark it on my diagram before I forget. I also started pulling up plants around my tulips but then realized I wasn't 100 percent sure they were weeds. I will wait a few more weeks until I can identify them. I started to get the grass out of my raspberry patch. I dug and flipped my grassy walk way between garden squares and raspberries. I also prepared two squares for planting one of them I planted the chives in.

While out in my garden at the end of the day I felt like I didn't do much. Sitting here writing it sounds like  a lot, that is why I started to write more frequently. I have a hard time giving my self credit for the awesome work I do and only look at what remains to be done.

I was reminded by by dear husband to take pictures to attach. I will get some posted next week.

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