Monday, May 11, 2009

Flower beds

I have flowerbeds as you can see. They were put in by the previous owner. I have one thing to say about flowerbeds. When people landscape and put in flowerbeds they go with what looks good not what can reasonable be weeded and taken care of. Some of them are easier for me to work with than others. Since they have nice curbing around them I don't want to get rid of them. The one in the back with the exception of each end where there are trees are set up reasonable for the most part. Some of it goes to deep in my opinion. I have started putting stepping stones in key places to make the back more easily accessible. Since I like the square foot gardening whenever I step on my flower bed soil it really bugs me. I also try to grow big garden plants in places where the bed is big with not much in them. I use to have a ground cover growing which was also chosen by the last owners. I thought I liked it until it started taking over the flowerbed my grass around the beds and weeds would grow in the ground cover and make things impossible to manage. Also unless I plan on spending lots to fill the beds in with flowers I have to do something else with them. I have planned what to to with the back. The front two I am still planning what to do with

I plan in the back to split it up into sections using the pinetrees to help divide each section. I already have a section with Iris'. I also have planted lettuce in the part that is too shaded by the globe willow to grow Iris'. I plan on moving my wild strawberries and have a section of just those. I also have rose bushes some of which aren't looking very good right now. I don't know if one of them will survive. Also the last section will probably be planted with some garden vegetables each year. Tomatoes this year will go there. In front of the middle pine I planted peas and where the strawberries will eventually go I have a zucchini planted. All of this will take a year or two.

If you have the I want it now the way you want it expect it to cost a lot of time and money. I plan on being more gradual with any changes to my landscape. It helps spread the cost out over time and it also gives me time to decide what I like and what I want to change without being hasty and waisting money.

Enough rambling I better get back to my kids and garden.

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