Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gardening Thoughts

Well I have almost successfully cleared out all flowerbeds of the weeds. I have a little work left in front of my raspberry patch and my front flowerbed out by our mailbox. I have also returned to the previously weeded sections and have gone over them again. I hope to be consistent and keep things weeded so my garden can grow.

I have 4 lettuce plants one carrot and some green onions growing as well as some peas and the beans have just come up as well. I am uncertain if the tomatoes are going to come up. I almost forgot 2 zucchini came up but they aren't growing so well. I think they got powdery mildew on them. The leafs have white spots on them and the plant doesn't look very healthy right now. I don't know if they are going to make it.

For mother's day Shane bought me flowers. I got a snap dragon and a daisy like one that I don't remember the name of. I also got some leafy one with blue flower spikes that likes the shade for the front yard. I got them all planted shortly after they were bought.

This week I plan on making some stepping stones and planting seeds in a tray so that they are more easily watered. I will grow some more tomato plants encase the ones I previously planted don't come up. I think I will also plant some zucchini encase the ones that are currently growing die. Then some melons. I will do them since I have no where to plant them right now. I plan on trying to get Tanner's garden patch done so he can plant his corn. I also need to teach Esther what are weeds and so she can keep them under control. She is getting some coming up and if she can keep them in check she won't have any problems keeping up with her weeding. Then I need to prepare the soil to plant more carrots. Replant lettuce where they are currently and plant cucumbers under the aspen tree's in the back. That should keep me busy.

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