Friday, May 29, 2009

Flower Patch

I finally got everything planted in my Flower Patch. The greenery to the right are bulbs (grape Hyacinths, miniature daffodils and mini tulips). The white flowers are from Snow-in-Summer. Then there are two green mounds in the middle they are Stonecrop Sedum Autumn Joy. Then I planted some white and yellow Iris's then there is the other white fence panel. We added the white fence panels because we had a lot of foot traffic through my flowerbed. I believe it was the teenagers walking home from the Junior High close by. They were fairly big prints they left behind. It reduced the footprints left drastically I think since we have put the fence panels up I have only seen a set of foot prints once. I also planted Cosmos between the side walk and Sedum, they have sprouted up and are doing quite well. The section between the Sedum and the road I planted Zinnias. I haven't seen them come up yet. It is a hard section to grow anything but weeds in. If they don't grow I will try some plants that aren't as sensitive to salt and dry ground. That is the section that gets a lot of salted snow piled up on it during the winter.

Coming soon I will be posting a picture of one of my flowerbeds. It is a very dry spot and I always forget to water it. I would like any suggestions of what to plant there. I have purple grape Hyacinths there but they die down so I need some kind or ground cover or a plant that doesn't mind sharing the space for a time.

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