Monday, June 8, 2009

Esther's Garden update

We had some disapointing news. She planted some flower seeds and none of them grew. It was a great disappointment. It wasn't because of lack of watering them or over watering. I didn't buy the seeds so I should have known not to try them. I am growing some watermelon and cantalope and when they get big enough to transplant I think we will put watermelon in the grow box. I might also try to get some pansy's in later in the season so they can be growing next spring. If you do a garden space for a child to do I highly recommend going and getting the plants already started from a garden center. Then the can have success the first time around. I might also get a few flowers to plant around the outside while the watermelon is still small so it doesn't grow too many weeds. I will have Esther choose the flowers and plant them. We should have something growing by next week then we can take pictures.


  1. Aww... poor Esther! That had to be so disappointing for her.

  2. Hey, how about having her plant some radishes as well. They grow very quickly and can be harvested in about three weeks. Chopped up or sliced, they are good in salads.

    You may want to take a look at Shane's blog today in Picklebytes (dated 6/10) and then teach some of the principles in it to her about how she just needs to keep trying :-) The fact that the first set of seeds did not germinate is not so much a failure as it is a part of the journey.