Monday, June 15, 2009

Weeding again

It seems like so much of gardening always involves weeding. I have found that if you neglect parts of your garden and get a good amount of weeds growing that it is quickly cleaned up if you start in the spring when they start growing fast again. I cleaned out all my flowerbeds and my garden patches in the back. I still have to finish in front of the raspberries. It also seems that the last little bit takes twice as long as the huge amount you do at first. I have maintained what I previously weeded with great success this year. Now the weeds are beginning to slow down there growth and there are not as many of them to worry about. I hear if you keep them weeded diligently after that you don't have many weed problems. I am looking forward to a more maintained look with less time taken up by weeding. I have already seen a decrees in how much time I spend weeding.

The front has had the most improvement since I don't have as much space taken up with flowerbeds as I do in the back. I also like the front to look as good as I can get it since a lot of people pass by and notice our lawn.


  1. When you finish your weeding, how about starting on mine?

  2. No way, you have a lot more than I do. I can barely keep up with mine. I also would like to have time for other gardening activities this year. You just need to spray yours with a weed killer, then plant something.

  3. True, I've been testing a weed killer called GLY4 that has killed all the weeds in the test area, including some of the infamous bindweed. Unfortunately, some of the remaining bindweed looks like it only has a tummy ache. As soon as it stops raining everyday I'll give it a second dose.