Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden progress

My flower beds with my garden space from the back porch.

Here are by raspberries. They are growing well. I hope to get some raspberries this year. I planted them 4 years ago. The birds ate all of them last year.

Here are by green beans. Something has eaten up a lot of the leafs on the right side. The ones on the left don't have a lot of damage. I did spray them with Seven it is an insecticide.

Here are the zucchini. They are small but doing well. I was worried for a while since once they sprouted the sprout leafs didn't look good at all. Something has been eating holes in the leafs but not many so I haven't done much but observe.
These are the peas. They are growing real well. I always have good success with them. I plant so many I rarely have much seed left.
These are my green onions. I got about 6 of them growing I planted 12 to 16 of these as well. I have older seed so not much came up.

This is the only carrot that came up I planted 12 to 16. Something ate most of the top off of it.

This is my lettuce. I planted about 12 plants and only 4 grew.

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