Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take the Challenge

I know I don't have too many people reading my blog yet but that is okay. I just wanted to let those who do know that I took a challenge recently. It was from Gardener's Supply Company to find the info on line copy link below, paste in browser and it will take you there.

I had already planned on planting a garden so this should help keep me excited to growing more of our own food. 10 pounds is not a whole lot. You get a few prolific zucchini plants and some tomatoes and that would be easy also I plan on some watermelon, cantalope and popcorn. I have peas, lettuce, green beans, and zucchini growing right now along with some green onions, I planted more carrots and radishes but I think I am going to have to plant them elsewhere I can't seem to get them to grow where they currently are. I should also check up on my cucumbers I planted and replant if they didn't sprout yet.

1 comment:

  1. Cool challenge. I've been inspired this year just watching you get excited. Keep it going!!!